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Argan Oil For Hair

Argan oil is extracted from the fruit or kernels of the argan tree. It's highly moisturising properties and nutrients are the reason it has become popular in recent years for hair, skin and nails. The positive effects of argan oil are the reason it has caught the attention of the world and the results speak for themselves.

Argan Oil For Hair
Moroccan argan oil as you may have seen on the shelves of many shops within shampoo's, conditioners and other treatments, is particularly beneficial for the hair and scalp. It is often used as a conditioning treatment as well as a lighter daily moisturising treatment to add gloss and tame frizzy hair. The vitamin E content in argan oil promotes healthy hair growth with its antioxidants that aid cells, encouraging stronger growth. People who suffer from either dandruff or dry scalps can benefit from the moisturising effects of argan oil as well as those who have thin, weak hair that is prone to split ends. Argan oil can also be used to treat hair that has been subjected to over colouring or chemical treatments. Argan oil is a natural treatment that won't irritate the skin, promoting softer, shiner locks.

Choosing The Right Argan Product
The most natural argan oil products to choose for your hair are the pure, cold pressed, organic oils that have not been subjected to  heat treatments or chemicals that destroy many of the precious nutrients contained within the oil. To appreciate the full benefit of what argan oil has to offer, look for products that provide this information.

The Best Ways To Use Argan Oil:

Intensive Overnight Treatment - For maximum results, an overnight treatment will completely nourish your hair with all the nutrients argan oil has to offer. Applying a larger amount of the oil as a weekly or monthly treat to completely saturate your hair will add smoothness to even the driest of hair to reveal soft voluminous tresses.

Use a generous amount of argan oil and apply to hair from roots to tips. Massage gently into scalp to nourish the roots and then wrap hair in a towel or shower cap to protect bedlinen. Leave on overnight for the oil to work its magic then shampoo out in the morning. Follow up with your usual conditioner if desired. 

Leave In Conditioning Treatment - Argan oil is great as a leave in conditioning treatment that can replace glossing or shine sprays. It will also ensure that the oil continues to take care of your hair while improving its looks. Argan oil is a very light oil that won't weigh down fine hair when used lightly.

Depending on the amount and/or thickness of your hair, rub a few drops between the palms of your hands and work through the lengths to ends, paying particular attention to the ends, where hair is driest. This procedure can be performed on either dry or damp hair. Repeat if necessary. 

Styling Aid
Argan oil can be applied to hair on a daily basis to re-moisturise very dry hair, help to seal split ends and control frizz. It also makes a great styling product that will add shine and managability to your hair.

Add Argan Oil To Shampoo's/Conditioners
Many shampoos and conditioners containing some level or argan oil can now be found in shops and beauty salons, that are often more expensive than the rest due to their ability to improve the condition of the hair. Just a drop or two added to your shampoo (depending on thickness and length of hair) can actually act as a convenient, wash and go shampoo and conditioner in one.

Taking care of your hair in other ways will also help to maintain its condition. Using heat styling appliances such as tongs and straighteners all take their toll on drying out hair so limiting their use as well as using a hair dryer on a cool setting is advisable. During the summer months, the effect of the dry air and over exposure to the sun is often something that is overlooked. 

Opuntia pure, organic, Moroccan argan oil can replace so many products in your hair care regime and will provide excellent results all the way down the line. Used regularly will help to keep your hair in tip-top condition everyday. 

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