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Moroccan Argan Oil: History & Traditions

For centuries the Berber people of Morocco have made use of argan oil in many different ways from cosmetic uses to food and even medicine to treat various aliments.

Argan Oil In Food
Moroccan argan oil has been used traditionally and still to this day as as an alternative to olive oil and other fats. The small seed kernels are pressed to produce a thick orangy-brown coloured oil that has various different uses. The nutty flavour of argan oil can be added to couscous to enhance the flavour and add seasoning to salads.

Another popular food made from argan oil in Morocco is amlou. Amlou is made with roasted almonds that are then ground up, mixed with the oil and sweetened with honey. The resulting thick brown paste has traditionally been used as a dipping sauce for bread. 

Miscellaneous declarations regarding the health benefits of consuming argan oil have been made by research teams that have agreed that a regular daily intake of argan oil is highly likely to be one element that will help to inhibit several different cancers, heart diseases and obesity.

A study was conducted on a number of volunteers who added either butter or argan oil to their dietary regime. The outcome demonstrated that just like olive oil, regular consumption of argan oil as opposed to butter lowered cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Source:

Argan Oil in Cosmetics and Toiletries
In addition to applying pure argan oil directly to the skin and hair, it was also used in soaps, shampoo and other cosmetics such as creams and body oils. Skincare products made with argan oil soften the skin and re-balance the water lipid film, thereby helping to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Ensuring that nothing goes to waste, the shell of the kernel is sometimes crushed and ground down finely to create an exfoliator.

Argan Oil in Medicine
Customary uses for argan oil for medicinal purposes was to prevent liver diseases, and help with blood circulation, treating cholesterol and arteriosclerosis problems. The oil is also used to reinforce the immune system. Science has now determined that argan oil has a high level of vitamin E, double that of olive oil and contains the natural free radical fighting properties known as anti-oxidants. Argan oil is also used for arthritis and rheumatism as an anti inflammatory as well as a topical treatment to relieve skin ailments such as acne, psoriasis, and dry eczema.  Argan oil can also be used in the prevention of stretch marks.

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