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Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan Oil 30ml

Known as liquid gold, this precious argan oil will nourish and hydrate your skin as well as fight and protect against the signs of ageing.

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Argan oil is another pearl of the beauty industry, a luxury organic skincare product native to Morocco. It has gained an outstanding reputation as a high end product in personal care. Moroccan argan oil is deeply moisturising for skin, has anti-ageing properties, is good for healing and makes an all natural acne treatment. Hair can also benefit greatly from an argan oil treatment as well as nails on hands and feet.

Argan Oil For Skin
The Opuntia Company work closely with Moroccan businesses to bring you the highest quality argan oil available. Argan oil contains a high level of vitamin E, just like the prickly pear, which softens the skin with continued use in inhospitable conditions.
Argan oil is also used as an anti inflammatory to help restore and prevent acne and other skin conditions. It is also good for stretch marks and scars. Oily skin can benefit from argan oil by either applying sparingly or mixing with your regular moisturiser. Incorporating argan oil into your daily skincare routine will provide the necessary nutrients to help re-condition the skin, encouraging a younger more healthy glow.
Argan Oil For Hair
Argan oil is also beneficial for hair with its moisturising properties, it improves the condition of the hair shaft, minimising split ends and controlling light flyaway hair. This oil will strenghthen hair, reducing breakage and deliver more elasticity. Read more on argan oil hair treatment

Argan Oil For Nails
Not just for hair and skin, argan oil is also used to condition dry brittle nails that when applied, will allow users to grow them longer and stronger.

100% Organic Cold Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil

Opuntia argan oil is certified by the following: EU Organic * IMC Istituto Mediterraneo Certificazione * USDA Organic * ISO 9001 Bureau Veritas Certification * Responsible Care
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Argan Tree
Argan Oil in the making
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Argan Oil Paste

Opuntia bring to you pure, cold pressed oil extracted from the small nut like kernals of the argran tree. Naturally rich in fatty acids, vitimans and minerals, argan oil is good not just for the skin but also the hair and nails. The oil consists of eighty percent fatty acids that contain omega three, six and nine. These help to keep the skin supple, reducing the signs of aging by rehydrating the skin. People who are subject to lower quantities of these fatty acids whether natural or applied in a regular beauty regime are prone to dryer skin, nails and hair.

Argan oil, just like the barbary fig contains high levels of sterols that act as an anti-oxidant, preventing degeneration of the skin, repairsing and slowing the aging process while also acting as an anti-inflammatory. Vitamin E helps defend the the skin from the harsh effects of the sun as well as pollution and other damaging environmental elements. Argan oil brings welcome relief to skin and hair impaired by these conditions due to the high level of vitamin E. The antioxidants contained in the biological make up of argan oil help to counteract free radicals bringing improvment and protection especially to more sensitive skin that feels the effects of the environment more intensely.

Opuntia Argan oil contains only 100% pure oil with nothing else added. Working together with Moroccan farms that employ local people, Opuntia are able to bring you the finest oil available.
From picking to bottling, the means of obtaining and producing this top quality argan oil is a lenghthy process. Firstly the argan fruit is hand picked and then dried for several weeks before the skin of the fruit is removed, uncovering a small brown nut, approximately the size of a cherry or grape. These nuts are then traditionally cracked open between stones revealing a little kernel that is ready for the cold pressing. The oil is then subject to filtering in order to purify before bottling.

Argan oil is no secret to the Moroccan people who have been using it for hundreds of years to protect themselves against the strong sunshine and arid conditions they live in, especially in the summer where temperatures often pass 40C. Berber people for generations have used all natural argan oil, free from fertilisers, pestisides and other harsh chemicals introduced by the modern world to nourish their hair skin and nails. Opuntia brings you the power of this organic argan oil to more people all over the globe.

At Opuntia you can buy Argan Oil with confidence, experience the powerful natural properties this organic Moroccan oil has to offer! Shipped from the UK.

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Karen (Admin)
2016-06-30 02:26:41
Hello Chris,
Thank you for your enquiry and apologies for the late reply. You are absolutely right about that, heat and chemical processes do result in a clearer oil, destroying much of the natural goodness. Opuntia oils are indeed a little cloudy.
Chris Chamberlain
2015-12-17 09:42:14
I am interested in buying some Argan and Prickly Pear seed oil. I have done as much research as I can and have spoken to a Moroccon friend who buys it when she goes home. I am told that the purest one to buy is always slightly cloudy which means that it hasn't had any heat treatment or gone through any mechanical process. Is your oil clear or cloudy?
Millie Mae Kirkham
2015-06-20 13:24:32
Bought this Argan oil 2 weeks ago and have been using it continually since. My hair has been left silky smooth and shiny with only a few droplets used. It has a very natural scent which is a clear indicator of purity. I will be buying this product again and I strongly recommend it.
2015-06-13 11:20:27
je viens d'acheter sur ce site une huile d'argan au top, elle a une bonne odeur et les effets sont extraordinaires. Cette société vend à Marrakech,je vous conseille d'aller voir leur site...

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