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Boost Your Moisturisers With Oils

Published by Karen in Pure Organic Moroccan Oils · 1/4/2017 12:14:00
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Moisturisers are a fundamental part in keeping our skin supple and younger looking. As the name suggests, moisturiser keeps the skin hydrated which not only keeps it looking better but feeling better also.

It is well known that oil and water do not mix but many cosmetic companies that create moisturisers for the worldwide market use emulsifiers to bind water and oil together. Essentially, a moisturiser is a combination of water and oil blended together with the help of an emulsifier which is the glue that binds them. Our skin needs both water and oil (which helps to seal in the water) but not all oils are equal. Prickly pear seed oil and argan oil are some of the most beneficial oils available buy for the skin. In addition to using these oils neat, they can also be mixed with some of your favourite products such as a moisturiser or leave in conditioner to not only add some extra moisture but also some extra nutrients to give your hair or skin a boost.

Moisturisers & Body Lotions
Have a favourite moisturiser or body cream? Add a drop or two of prickly pear seed oil or argan oil to enhance the mix. Depending on skin dryness or in the case of an overnight treatment, you may need to add a little more. You can do this with any moisturiser including cheaper ones to upgrade them to a more high end product. In some cases it may be more beneficial to make your own recipe as many moisturisers or body creams available, state that they contain prickly pear or argan oil but actually contain very little of it and top of this, you pay a higher price!

Leave-in Conditioners
Many of us these days use a leave in conditioner due to the adverse effect from weather conditions such as dry heat and wind. If your regular leave in conditioner just isn't doing the job, rather than rush out and buy a more expensive product, try adding either some prickly pear or argan oil to the blend. You can either mix a little with your product or simply add a little oil to your hair afterwards by rubbing a drop or two into the palms of your hands and smoothing through the lengths of your hair.

Adding oils to your moisturisers, especially seed oils which contain triglycerides (basically nutritious fats that are stocked in plant seeds) will indeed enhance your products making them a more beneficial and richer product. Additionally, it is quick and easy to implement.

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