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Beware of Cheap Imitations

Published by Karen in Pure Organic Moroccan Oils · 4/4/2015 13:48:00
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My partner and co-founder of The Opuntia Company is a French/Moroccan man who has been back and forth from Morocco many times throughout his life, has known for a long time that when it comes to prickly pear seed oil and argan oil, it can be hard to find the real thing even in Morocco as there is a lot of cheating going on. Many of the Moroccan people have a distrust of the authenticity of these oils due to the fact that they are often mixed with cheaper oils which are then passed off as 100% pure, quite simply to make more money. It can be very hard to distinguish these oils from the real thing. This practice has a detrimental effect on the whole industry as people who have tried these fakes make their judgement on them thinking that these oils are nothing special and so are not likely to buy again even under different branding.

In additon to the above, we have also noticed that many well known brand names sell argan oil products, but in reality they contain very little of this precious oil. These products are also sold at expensive prices based on the fact that they contain argan oil but often deliver very little benefit. That is why we at Opuntia wanted to find something that delivers real value.

Over a short amount of time, we have managed to build up a reputation in Morocco as a reputable and trusted brand that supply only genuine oils. We now have a good customer base there because what you see on the bottle label is what you get in the bottle, nothing less.

In my next article, I will add some information on how to spot fake prickly pear and argan oils.

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