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Seed Oils

Published by Karen in Pure Organic Moroccan Oils · 28/3/2017 21:35:00
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A seed oil, as the title suggests is an oil obtained from the actual seeds of a plant rather than the plant itself. Most vegetable oils are in fact seed oils, prime examples include sunflower, sesame, and canola.

Triglycerides are basically fat. These fats are generally stocked in the seeds of the plant, to supply food for the new plants until they are able to grow their own roots and leaves that will enable them to survive independently. A few seeds also contain sugar to provide energy to feed young plants.

Almost all plants create seeds that encase oil. These nutrient rich oils supply considerable amounts of energy and nourishment for the young seeds to flourish and eventually become an independent plant that will grow roots and leaves that will enable it to survive.

Oil content
The amount of oil contained in different types of seeds varies even within the same kind of plant, due age and the environment that the mother plant grows in.

Best Quality Oils
The best quality oils are unprocessed and have a texture/flavour similiar to that of the seedlings that were pressed. Cold pressing preserves more nutrients ensuring a more nutritious oil than oil produced from the heat pressing method. Storage is also a factor in preserving oils, they should be stored away from heat light and air.

Fresh oils derived from quality seeds should always be cultivated from newly pressed seeds that are sealed and packaged to ensure the consumer receives the freshest quality oil.

Opuntia provide only the freshest cold pressed prickly pear seed oil money can buy, ensuring a top quality product.

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