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Moroccan Oils For Men

Published by Karen in Pure Organic Moroccan Oils · 2/7/2015 16:08:00
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Although men generally spend a lot less time on personal grooming than women, sales of male grooming products have been increasing steadily in recent years which suggests that men are becoming a lot more concerned about their appearance. The Guardian has reported in an article from September 2013 that male grooming has taken off big time with the industry being estimated at £600m. Many popular products include moisturisers, facial scrubs, facial cleansers, face masks and hair styling aids.

For men on the go who want a quick hassle free solution, Moroccan oils could be the all-in-one answer to many grooming needs. A huge stock of facial creams and hair styling aids is not necessary. Apart from making a great moisturiser for skin, these oils also double up as a leave in hair conditioner to add softness, shine and protection for days at a time. These multi use oils are also great for repairing and protecting the skin against the effects of premature age, being rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin E. Many skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis and dermatitis are treated with Moroccan oils to help soften, soothe and heal.

Moroccan Oils can be applied to both hair and skin for men. Although men's skin is generally thicker than that of women, men can benefit from these oils not just to hydrate but to soothe razor burn and replace lost moisture from sun damage. It can also be used as an overnight treatment for a super hydration boost that will help to soften fine lines and wrinkles.

Moroccan oils are quick 'apply and go' products. A few drops rubbed into the palms of the hands and smoothed through either damp or dry hair will add softness, shine and manageability as well as giving a healthy appearance.

Cold or dry climates as well as living in a hard water area can take their toll on beard hair making it wild, brittle and prone to breakage. Applying Moroccan oils to an unruly or dry beard will help to soften, add sheen and tame this coarse hair that can often look dry and untidy. Just as the hair on the head needs looking after, so also do beards which are often overlooked. In addition to improving the appearance of the beard, Moroccan oils keep the underlying skin in tip-top condition.

Everyday shaving can cause soreness and reddening of the skin. Applying a drop or two of Moroccan oils will help to lock in moisture and deliver nutrients as well as softening the skin. Facial skin will feel much more comfortable and not tight.
The moisturising and conditioning effects of these oils have a long lasting effect so frequent application is not necessary. So, for all those men out there looking for a one does it all grooming product, why not try Opuntia Moroccan oils?

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