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Top Tips For Fine Flyaway Hair

Published by Karen in Pure Organic Moroccan Oils · 3/8/2015 12:56:00
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Fine flyaway hair is often affected by everything from humidity to wind and sun. It is also very susceptible breaking, stretching and drying out easily, especially if heat styling appliances are used. Static is another annoying problem that can often occur. Hair ends are usually fragile and split easily leaving hair looking tatty. If you find that you have any or all of these hair problems, help is at hand.

Opuntia pure Moroccan argan oil is a fantastic hair styling aid for fine flyaway hair. It will add weight, seal in moisture and deliver shine and manageability. It will help protect your hair from the effects of humidity as well as help to stop it drying out from weather effects such as wind and sun. Since it is also a very light oil, it is especially suitable for this hair type. Hair will have a new lease of life, look healthier, glossy and feel like you've just walked out of a hair salon.

1. After washing/conditioning and whilst hair is still damp or even wet, rub a little argan oil into palms and spread through hair, (avoiding the first inch or two from roots) running palms down the hair shaft towards the ends. Comb through gently if desired to distribute through the hair.

2. Dry hair upside down, concentrating on the roots first to add fullness before moving on to the hair lengths. Lift the roots as you dry and use a cooler heat setting as fast hot air can cause static.

3. When hair is dry, again smooth through some more argan oil, avoiding the roots as this will take away the fullness you have just created by drying upside down.

4. If you use heated hair styling appliances such as a straightener, try to set it to the lowest heat setting and just lightly smooth over hair without applying too much pressure as this will flatten the hair and take down the volume.

Opuntia argan oil is so light it can be used as a daily leave in conditioner, especially to the hair ends to seal in moisture and protect them from splitting.

The trick to the above tips is knowing how much argan oil to use in your hair. This will vary according to how much hair you have and how thick/thin it is. If you use too little argan oil, try a little more, you will probably know if you have added too much!

More Tips For Fine Flyaway Hair

Get Some Layers!

Fine flyaway hair can be made to look fuller by adding layers. Layered hairstyles will add fullness, shape and texture.

It is generally more difficult to have a very long hair style with fine hair and keep it looking good, since hair that is thin and fragile at the start of the growth cycle has usually lost most of its condition at the lower end with two or three years of growth. The ends look untidy, and undoubtedly, there are way fewer hairs at this point than the amount that are closer to the scalp. Apart from normal hair loss, a lot of this is due to breaking as the condition deteriorates when the hair gets older. Fine hair is also prone to splitting more easily so regular trimming is essential to keep locks tidy.

Go Easy On Hair Products

One of the biggest mistakes made with fine light weight hair is using products that are either too heavy for the hair or too much of it. This results in hair that looks dull and lank. Pure argan oil is an excellent leave in conditioner for fine hair since it is so light, it won't weigh down the hair but at the same time provides the nourishment it needs to give it strength and resilience.


Always brush from the ends and work up. Doing this the other way around can cause knots and they will build as you move further down the hair shaft. In addition to this, brushing your hair before washing will help to reduce tangles.

Heat Styling

A root crimper is a great way of adding volume and lasts for days. Root crimpers are in effect mini crimpers. You apply them lightly to the roots which will give your hair an amazing boost that will affect the rest of your hair lengths in terms of volume.

If you have any tips for adding volume to fine flyaway hair, please feel free to leave them in the comments section at the end of this article. Click on 'read all' below to post.

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