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Cold Pressed Oils

The common oils used for everyday cooking are obtained from seeds, fruits, vegetables and nuts. The extraction process from everyday oils such as olive, sesame and sunflower has a direct effect on the flavour, aroma and nutrients still present on the end product. The use of higher temperatures in the extraction process enables manufacturers to obtain more oil but this method degrades flavour and quality. Cold pressing methods yield higher quality oils, maintaining their orginal state but less of it can be obtained. Because of this, consumers can expect to pay more for cold pressed oils verses oils aquired through high temperature methods.

Cold Pressed Explained
Cold pressing is way of abstracting oil through mechanical methods where just a small amount of heat is produced through hydraulic presses. This process ensures that the oil remains in its natural state, retaining all of its original composition and makes an exceptional base for cosmetics as well as cooking. This kind of oil is unrefined, producing a darker colour and stronger scent and flavour but will be more expensive.

Refined oils are very processed where by they may have been subject to temperatures as much as four hundred and fifty degrees or as low as minus thirty. They are often deodorised and bleached which adversely affects the quality of the oil but it is often used by cosmetic companies in skin care products as it is more economical. Also, it is harder to disguise the smell of unrefined oils. Heat extraction kills the beneficial nutrients in oil which makes them useless in skin enhancing qualities. These kind of oils can be found in supermarkets everywhere for cooking and are not suitable for skin care.

The best quality oils are the one's that have been produced not just cold pressed but organically, free from any pesticides or fertilizers and GM free. Opuntia oils are produced on farms that do not use any harsh chemical treatments and a pressing method that does not involve high temperatures that strip the oils of their natural qualities. Our oils retain all of their natural qualities that enables us to pass those benefits on to you.

The Opuntia Company supply only natural organic beauty oils to ensure maximum benefit to hair and skin. Two of our favourites are the Moroccan Prickly Pear Oil and Argan Oil. Both of these oils are very light and have a multitude of uses for hair and skin, delivering excellent hydration.


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